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Iphone scam hong kong/china

Activity Date/Time

24/05/2011 12:14 (HKT)
Transaction Type Make Payments - Remittance

Scam related to help for the money

Scamster faithbenson and rev.father kheven houte and email id faithbenson18@gmail.com and khevenhoute@yahoo.comThey wanted a loan of 4000 usd and their gang operating in India with their agents having account in icici bank for collecting and transfer. I have read

Wining Internatioal

Mark Martin calls and says better business has drawn you name and tou've wom a car and brife case with 850.0000 thousand dollars in it and want you to send him 199.00 western union from wal-mart read

Fossils for sale in China

I was sent an e-mail from a web site www.fossilscn.com. I bought a couple of items for $2000 never got anything. Someone needs to shut down this web site. Don't send them any money read

Windows 7- Tech/callers on phone Scam

They call you up from nigeria and india say they Are windows twch's and your comp is infected and the y need accsess or other such info as bad windows download basically they want want you to turn control of your computer over to them.. do not fall for read

Real Value Financial

Suppose to be loans to help re-estbish your credit. They ask for 3 months payments up front and money is to be deposited into your account after receiving fund. They do not deposit the funds and then phone number is out of order or you cannot get thru. I& read

Learning Educational Center Aguascalientes

Just a warning about this so called english school.
I was supposed to work for them they asked to come quick from D.F mexico and when i did they didnt have work for me when i arrived because they couldnt be bothered with the immigration documents read

Carer for a type 2 diabetic

Beware!! These are doing the rounds on Gumtree it's for this woman's father or son to work in the UK or the Philippines. If you look properly there's more than one ad each one for type 2 diabetes. Sounds wonderful she will help with read

Yahoo Lotto (Scam)

I hope this helps people because of the Yahoo name a lot will be conned.

Received email today that I just won $1000000. in the Yahoo lottery.
From: E-Mail: pinitkoram3@yahoo.com.hk and root@gfax.cn
TEL:+ ( read

Fund release application


Director of Foreign Operations
Foreign Remittance Department
Banque Centrale des Etats de l&# read


My fiance ordered a bridal gown 4 bridesmaid dresses and a mother of the bride dress from this awful company. The bridal gown was too short had tacky sequins when the dress was requested to be plain had no lace when lace was requested but instead had a poorly read

Dont use Paypal TopUp Not Working

2nd june ago I have added funds through paypal topup through local banks. Fund that I have nothing in my paypal account.

When I make a report to the relevant bank appears to have no problem with the transaction process from local read

Internet love scam

If you see raymondcare44@aol.com or ramonalonzo@yahoo.com. BEWARE HE IS A SCAMMER... found in SENIOR PEOPLE SITE possible listed in other sites..He claims occupation: structural engineer age: 54 lives in Houston Tx height 5? divorced or widowed and working in read

MALE & FEMALE Painting Team 248-978-1940

This is John and Amy Evans of Custom Decorating and Building Maintenance. They are advertising under the above name in The Macomb Daily Newspaper in Michigan. Do not hire these people. They will ask you for 13 down take your money and not do the work. Please read


I subscribed to http:www.livetv4ever.com quarterly a few days ago.all the events on this website can be easily found in free websites. and many of the channels dont work. and stream quality is bad.do not subscribe.dont waste your money...

Hill Country Sunset Premiere Lodging Wimberley Texas

Before you considering booking a vacation property through this agency we hope that you will consider these reviews. In fairness we looked for good reviews and could not find any.

Hill Country Sunset read

Bunch of lies of The Crown Capital Management International Relations

Bunch of lies of The Crown Capital Management International Relations

Seriously who reads from your website? I didn’t even know how I got here I remember researching for environmental issues then poof I’m here and I am very read

Estafa de Fatima Abdel

From: Fatima Abdel


¿Cómo estás hoy? espero que usted está haciendo bien yo estaba más que feliz de leer su correo de hoy me preguntaba si Dios totalmente se read

Beware of www.property-classifieds.com

I keep flagging the POST on craigslist Vancouver but they keep RE-posting even after they are removed.

now i see property-classifieds.com posting and hide phone number for money $

no no no why would some1 read

Robert R. Langguth and Claudia Langguth

Ponzi schemer formally sentenced to four years
Feds say victims defrauded out of millions
Updated: Thursday 21 Mar 2013 3:52 PM CDT
Published : Thursday 21 Mar 2013 11:09 AM CDT
AUSTIN (KXAN) - A man who pleaded read

Money scam from american soldier in iraq

I write on behalf of a client of mine who was asked to send 1200 us dollars to al soldier suppose to be base in ramandi in iraq she unfortuneatly sent the money which turned ou to be 895 irish euro she had never heard from this soldier except when he did not read

Fifa worldwide promo

I recieved an sms today. It reads congradulations your mobile number has won you R950000.00 in a FIFA WORLDWIDE PROMO Ref no: SA/P286. For claims call Mr Christopher walters on 0780503244. Its nt funny guys read

Lloydstsbbusiness com

I received this by email 25th June teling me that my account was suspended for violating the online substance-abuse policy.
after taking a copy to the local LLoyds bank they suggested I report it to you.
the email suggested that If read

Send Money Worldwide

TELEPHONE +229-66-31-0993
WEB www.westernunion.com

We received an email from one read

$7.99.com offer for GoDaddy Mobile website (IPAD)
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